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Sunshine State of Living Beach


Below you'll find examples of ways I can help you or your business. Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.

Main Offerings


Business Consulting

Achieve meaningful growth through ongoing marketing and sales strategy consulting.  DCG works with companies to identify which strategies are best for achieving their goals while also implementing processes and time-frames that work.


Ms Nautica

Bringing you behind the scenes of the marine industry.


Media , PR. Content Creation, Marketing

If you are a nonprofit or organization looking for more exposure for an event or would like to capture media for your website or marketing materials, reach out to find out how I can best help you.

Professional Coaching

Freelancer to Business Owner

"I’m an owner of a social media and branding agency but I’m trying to learn how to scale more efficiently so I’m interested in a business coach.
Just to be specific, I don’t need help with branding my business or anything on the creative side like that. Specifically need help scaling it (i.e. learning the balance between hiring new people and picking up clients, financials, best business practices, etc)."

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Lifestyle Coaching

Quit dreaming, start living. To be in a sunshine state of mind means being intentional about your attitude and how you spend your energy. If you're desiring a clear path to reach your goals, let's get started.


Real Estate Consulting

Looking to relocate to or invest in the Tampa Bay Area? Check out our resources to find more about Tampa real estate and the surrounding areas. Have questions about the process? Contact Me for a Free Consultation.

Media, PR,Content Creation

More Questions?

Karlton Meadows

"So if I had to describe Kathryn, the former athlete and current consultant, with only words beginning with R, I would say that she is a regal and resilient resource rendering renowned results to any company fortunate enough to employ her skills and expertise in marketing."

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