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Sunshine State Featured Nonprofits and Causes

Looking for a way to make a difference in your community or around the world? Check out our selected or featured list of nonprofits that are making a real impact in their respective areas. From organizations that focus on environmental conservation and animal welfare to those that provide education, healthcare, and support for marginalized communities, there is a nonprofit for every cause. Get involved today and be a part of the positive change happening in the world.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides shelter for homeless & at-risk animals, adoptions, hospital, and TNVR services for the general public; operates independently from the Humane Society of the United States.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need. In 2022 alone The Humane Society of Tampa Bay saved 13,298 animals and treated nearly 40,000 pets at their shelter and hospital. From one-time and monthly donations, gifting an item on their wish list, hosting a fundraising event, or volunteering, (not to mention adopting a furry family member) there are plenty of ways to get involved, and support the Humane Society of Tampa Bay!

Jackson In Action

Jackson in Action 83 Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by former NFL player, Vincent Jackson, to support military families. The foundation's name comes from Jackson's jersey number, 83, and his passion for supporting military families. The foundation provides support to military families through various programs, including the "Baby on Board" program which provides support and resources to expectant military families, and the "Salute to Scholars" program which provides scholarships to military children. The foundation also provides emotional and financial support to families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. Jackson in Action 83 Foundation is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of military families and honoring the sacrifice and service of our nation's military.


TEAM ADDO is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire and improve the lives of Veterans and their families. The name "ADDO" comes from the Latin word meaning "to inspire, to give, to bring". The organization was founded by a group of Veterans dedicated to honoring those who have sacrificed for our freedom. The group is made up of both Veterans and civilians who are committed to strengthening communities across the United States. James Boggs, a 20-year Veteran of the US Marine Corps and Army, is the founder of TEAM ADDO. He served in various roles, including air traffic controller, recruiter, fire support team leader, and instructor pilot. James now supports his wife, who serves in the US Army, and their two children. Join TEAM ADDO in their mission to improve the lives of Veterans and their families.

Inspire Up Foundation

The Inspire Up Foundation, founded by Maria Reed, Samantha Gomolka, Stacy Bilodeau, and Jessica Manfre, is a non-profit organization that serves the military and first responder community. The foundation's mission is to create a kinder and more giving world by uniting communities through empowerment, education, community building, and a commitment to serve. Inspire Up aims to promote community building by creating and hosting virtual and in-person events that promote connection, support, and unity while bridging the military/civilian divide. Additionally, the foundation facilitates opportunities for individuals to serve in communities across the globe and has a Spark and Inspire program that uplifts and encourages participants to recognize the power of their voices to change the world. Inspire Up also believes in educating individuals on issues impacting communities today and is creating conferences and webinars hosted by subject matter experts. The Inspire Up Foundation is dedicated to serving military and first responder families while also standing in the gap for underserved communities.

The Reef Insitute

The Reef Institute is a non-profit organization committed to coral reef conservation through education, research, and restoration. Their audacious vision is to save the ocean by starting with saving the coral reefs. The organization works towards protecting and growing Caribbean coral in the North Florida Reef Tract, which spans roughly 360 miles. The Reef Institute provides high-quality marine science programs to schools, camps, and education groups worldwide, reaching almost 9,000 students annually. The organization is also part of the Florida Coral Rescue and Propagation Project, which collaborates with government agencies, research labs, and public aquariums to mitigate the effects of Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) and rebuild the reefs in the future. The Reef Institute's philosophy of engagement involves creating stewards who are aware of the importance of the Florida Reef Tract, possess scientific skills, and take action to save the ocean. Through outreach events, distance learning, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and action-oriented programs, The Reef Institute aims to inspire the next generation to become stewards with an internal drive to learn and utilize their skills.

Team Godwin Foundation

The Team Godwin Foundation, founded by Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, Chris Godwin, and his wife, Mariah, is dedicated to making a difference in the animal rescue community. The foundation offers various programs, including the Second Chance Fund, which provides life-saving treatments for animals in need, and advocacy programs that promote the importance of animal adoption. Chris, a Pro Bowl and All-Pro receiver, and Mariah both have a deep love for dogs and are proud dog parents to a Pomsky named Ghost and an American Staffordshire Terrier named Ziggy. Chris and Mariah's passion for animal rescue began when they moved to Tampa and Mariah started volunteering at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Since then, they have been committed to making a positive impact in the animal rescue community and promoting education about responsible pet ownership. Through the Team Godwin Foundation, they hope to bring awareness and support to animals in need and inspire others to make a difference in the lives of pets.

The Bullard Family Foundation

The Bullard Family Foundation's mission is to provide resources, programs, and moments that help families and children build character and improve outcomes in their community. Their vision is to create a sense of love and empowerment so that children and families can see the greatness in themselves. The foundation was established with the belief that one person can make a transformational change in their community. Thaddeus Bullard, also known as WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil, founded the organization to bring attention to communities and people in need. From inspiring good moral character in children to giving gifts to lonely senior citizens during the holidays, Thaddeus' giving spirit not only touches the Tampa Bay area but also inspires and empowers others to do good. The Bullard Family Foundation transforms communities by creating impactful moments for families and children everywhere.

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