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About Ms Nautica Official

Taking you behind the scenes of the marine industry. Passionate about the environment.

How Ms Nautica Started

Growing up I always had a fondness of the water. So much so that my family nicknamed me “Squid”. Some of my favorite childhood memories include those sunny and peaceful days at the beach, picking out the most unique shells and wondering what once called them home.

My childhood also shaped my strong belief in ones ability to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small. My college essay included the starfish story (original story by Loren Eisley). You might not be able to change the entire world, but at least you can change a small part of it, for someone (human or not).

Making a Difference

Fast forward to young adulthood, I graduated college and moved to The Sunshine State where I have had the opportunity to grow a successful consulting and marketing firm, helping businesses scale, and launching several brands from the ground up.

Most recently, I’ve had the opportunity to dive into the yachting and marine industry assisting to build the brand for Hussar Yachts, one of the fastest growing and exclusive yachting brands in the USA.

Throughout my professional and personal journey, I have developed a lifestyle philosophy of “Sunshine State of Living”. The continued pursuit of personal growth, while taking action to create positive impacts within your community.

Ms Nautica’s Mission

Ms Nautica is a segment under the Sunshine State of Living brand to not only leverage my marketing knowledge to provide interesting and entertaining content within the nautical lifestyle, but also fulfill my passion for advocating for the environment.

It can be natural to find yourself thinking at times, “how much of a difference can I really make?”, or “how can I be sure this cause will actually use my contribution to make a difference?“, especially when addressing massive world problems like climate change. When I catch these thoughts I shift to problem solving, and I’ve found countless ways to get involved locally, and to make a true impact.

I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes content, and are motivated to take steps to live the life you want, a life by design.

Kate Donadio - Ms Nautica

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