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Hussar Yachts Debuts New Wave 50 Catamaran at the Palm Beach International Boat Show

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Ms Nautica Official Exclusive Feature

When you think about a boating lifestyle, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Luxury, comfort, spaciousness, adventure, and yes I’m sure you thought about the price tag too! What if I told you there is a company here in the US that imports incredible yachts, boats, and now catamarans.

Who is Hussar Yachts

The name “Hussar” is derived from Polish warriors who were known for developing advanced armor and tactics before their adversaries and demonstrating unmatched boldness on the battlefield. Today, the values of fierce innovation and commitment to excellence are carried on and demonstrated in the manufacturers Hussar represents. Each Hussar model is built with expert Polish craftsmanship, aligning with their mission to reimagine the yachting experience with affordable luxury and constantly enhancing performance and ownership. Hussar yachts imports high-quality yachts that have never been sold in the USA, and now they have expanded that offering with the Wave 50 Catamaran!

Newest Model: Wave 50 Catamaran

Hussar Yachts debuted the brand new Wave 50 Catamaran at this year's Palm Beach International Boat Show. The new model exudes elegance, the result of many years of tireless research and planning by the boutique shipyard. At Wave, they believe that the experience of sailing on your catamaran is just as important as the experience of building your tailor-made yacht together. This doesn’t mean that they have sacrificed performance for comfort, though. Each unique yacht is held to rigorous engineering standards, along with the input of architects and naval designers. The combination of luxury, performance, and customization can all be found in their newest offering, the Wave 50 Catamaran!

Wave 50 Catamaran Features

The Wave 50 is the answer to the cramped 50-foot yachts of the past. The world-renowned excellence, endeavor, and know-how found in Poland, where the highest caliber of catamarans have been produced for many years – with the WAVE 50 now at its fore - has provided the skills and experience to design and develop this enchanting yacht.

This model feels larger and offers more usable space, in excess of 160m2. The distinctive shape of the superstructure allows for unprecedented amounts of space in the cockpit and lounge.

Rest assured, that this extra space doesn’t come at the cost of luxury. This state-of-the-art model is a beautiful marriage of cutting-edge user-friendly energy solutions and unique design. The modern hull’s inverted bows with its elegant shape accentuated by sharp slits, in addition to the rigid roof spoiler on the upper deck, all enhance the WAVE 50’s inimitable slenderness. The sun deck comes fully equipped with seating, an overhead projector, a refrigerator, and a sizable couch too.

There are so many more features that can be customized according to your personal needs! From technical elements to finishing materials, interior, and layout, they want to take you closer to your dreams.

Palm Beach International Boat Show

If you know yachts, you know that the Palm Beach International Boat Show is the place to be to see everything from 8ft inflatables to the most luxurious superyachts in the world! Hussar Yachts was proud to hold an exhibitor booth at the 40th PBIBS in West Palm Beach from March 24th to 27th to show off their new Wave 50 Catamaran. This year the show featured nearly 500 other exhibitors, more than 400 yachts, and 22 different seminars. PBIBS really offers something for everyone in the industry, including VIP experiences and the superyacht show.

The Future of Yachting

Hussar Yachts has been continuing their namesake’s legacy by providing quality, luxurious yachts with unique customizations and unparalleled engineering. Now Hussar gets to expand their legacy with cutting-edge Wave Catamarans. Thanks to the shipyard's wealth of experience, this state-of-the-art model is not just a vision, it is now a reality. Its perfect synthesis, where wonderful design meets cutting edge and user-friendly energy solutions, guarantees the perfect conditions to find calm and comfort on the water. #hussaryachts

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