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AMIkids Tampa Bay - Empowering At-Risk Kids for Success Since 1971

AMIkids Tampa Bay envisions a future where at-risk youth in the Tampa Bay area can break free from cycles of delinquency and find pathways to success. Their organization has a rich history dating back to the 1960s, inspired by the innovative work of Judge Frank Orlando, who believed in giving troubled youth a second chance. AMIkids Tampa Bay is dedicated to providing comprehensive education, counseling, and vocational training, empowering young individuals to reintegrate into their communities and build brighter futures.

Impact: Transforming Lives of At-Risk Youth

AMIkids takes pride in its transformative impact on at-risk youth through comprehensive programs that have yielded remarkable results. An impressive 80% of program participants successfully complete the program, showcasing their dedication to personal growth. Moreover, 84% of their youth avoid re-offending while in the program, and an outstanding 75% remain crime-free even after completing their services. ( These results affirm the effectiveness of AMIkids' tailored approach, empowering individuals towards a brighter future.

Approach: Comprehensive and Tailored Solutions

AMIkids takes a holistic approach to address the needs of at-risk youth, focusing on education, treatment, and behavior modification. Education plays a vital role in breaking the cycle of delinquency, and their programs provide a structured and supportive learning environment with individualized attention, academic instruction, and vocational training.

To address underlying issues contributing to delinquent behavior, AMIkids' treatment approach emphasizes counseling and therapeutic interventions. By focusing on mental health, substance abuse, trauma, and other factors, they promote healing and personal growth. Central to their approach is behavior modification, where they teach and reinforce positive behaviors, instilling a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, and respect for others.

Values: Putting Kids First

AMIkids is guided by an unwavering commitment to putting kids first, which drives every decision made by their staff and board members. They foster a family atmosphere, treating every individual associated with their organization with high expectations, respect, and accountability. Safety is of utmost importance, and they operate their programs with unwavering dedication to the well-being of their students, staff, and the public. Their core values, including creativity, honesty, enthusiasm, integrity, loyalty, leadership, diversity, goal orientation, excellence, dedication, and respect, create an environment that enables the kids to achieve their full potential and become responsible, productive members of the Tampa Bay community.

Recognitions: Acknowledged by Experts

AMIkids is proud to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), as the only rated Day Treatment program in the nation. Their successful results in working with at-risk youth have earned them this distinction. Furthermore, their Day Treatment Model is listed as a promising, evidence-based approach in the OJJDP Model Programs Guide, reaffirming their commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of children and communities.

Join the AMIkids Movement: Empowering At-Risk Youth in Tampa Bay

AMIkids Tampa Bay is at the forefront of empowering at-risk youth and transforming their lives through education, counseling, and vocational training. If interested in supporting the future of Tampa Bay's youth and breaking the cycles of delinquency, join their movement. Together, we can create a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone.

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