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Consultant & Philanthropist

An experienced consultant and brand manager helping individuals and organizations create greater impacts within their lives and communities.

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Business & Marketing Consulting

Dolomites Consulting Group (DCG) is a dynamic business and marketing consulting firm specializing in business development, marketing strategy, branding, and sales optimization. Inspired by the Dolomite Mountains, (DCG) embodies resilience and innovation, and empowers businesses to conquer challenges, and embrace opportunities.


News & Media

Ms Nautica Official

Discover the inspiring story behind Ms Nautica Official and join us on this extraordinary voyage as we combine the elegance of yachts, the allure of the nautical lifestyle, and our unwavering dedication to marine conservation. 

Image by Lance Asper

Real Estate Consulting

The Sunshine State Property Group at Pinewoods Realty, LLC offers personalized and reliable services for your luxury, relocation, and investment needs in Florida. We provide you with the information and tools you need to make informed decisions about your Florida real estate endeavors.

Work with Me


My mission is to empower individuals and businesses to embrace a sunshine state of living, where intentional growth, positive impacts, and fulfilling lives are paramount. Through my ecosystem of brands and tailored consulting services, I inspire my clients to unlock their full potential, create meaningful connections, and make a difference in their personal and professional spheres.

Professional Coaching

Together, we'll cultivate a growth mindset, amplify your strengths, and create a clear roadmap towards achieving your goals and living a fulfilling life.


Lifestyle and luxury recommendations through our trusted network of affiliates and partners. Elevate your lifestyle while making a meaningful impact through philanthropic opportunities.


Whether you are an individual looking to create change or a nonprofit seeking support and exposure, let's connect and work together to drive meaningful outcomes and leave a lasting legacy.

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Lifestyle & Professional Coaching
Causes I Support

Some of the Causes I Support

Recent News and Media

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