EntrepreneurConsultant & Philanthropist

An experienced business and marketing consultant and creator helping individuals and organizations create greater impacts.


Business & Marketing Consulting

Dolomites Consulting

Kate is co-founder of Dolomites Consulting Group, a consulting firm based out of Tampa, FL specializing in strategy, branding, and advertising. From 1 on 1 strategy sessions to full suite marketing, DCG is committed to accelerating companies through marketing and consulting expertise.


Ms Nautica Official

Nautical Lifestyle & Media

Ms Nautica brings you a unique blend of nautical news and lifestyle media. From yachting to conservation efforts, dive into all things nautical.

Tampa Bay Real Estate

Sunshine State
Property Group

Pineywoods Realty, LLC

Looking to relocate to or invest in the Florida market? Check out our resources to find out more about Tampa Bay real estate and the surrounding areas. Have questions about the process? Contact me for a Free Consultation.

Work with Me


Whether you are looking for business development or marketing consulting, mentorship, media coverage/collaborations, more information on relocating to the Florida/Tampa Bay area, or are desiring results-focused professional or personal lifestyle coaching, schedule a free 15-minute intro call to learn more about how I can help. 

Professional Coaching

Coaching & Mentoring

Sunshine State of Living

I offer flexible and customized services to achieve meaningful growth through ongoing coaching, consulting, and mentoring.


Lifestyle / Luxury Consulting

Sunshine State of Living

Quit dreaming, and start living. To be in a sunshine state of mind means being intentional about your attitude and how you spend your energy. If you're desiring a clear path to reach your goals, let's get started.


Philanthropy & Media

Make an Impact

I am passionate about mental health, veterans affairs, and the environment. Whether you are an individual looking to make an impact, or a nonprofit looking for support and exposure, let's connect!


Some of the Causes I Support