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Veteran Owned Business Association

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After volunteering and working with several veteran entrepreneurship and business organizations, I saw a need for an inclusive, supportive, and "vetted" community to provide support, and resources to the veteran-owned and veteran spouse-owned business community. 

The goal of the Veteran Owned Business Association (VOBA) is to do just that. Provide support, resources, and tools for VOB across the nation and locally with integrity.

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Whether you are a veteran, spouse, veteran-owned business, nonveteran business, or individual wanting to support our veteran community, we offer plenty of ways for you to get involved.

Sponsor our next newsletter, support local veteran-owned companies vetted by VOBA, submit a shoutout for a great Veteran-owned business, request a company feature provide products or services in-kind to VOBA businesses or become a VOBA ambassador

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