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Why Partner with Us?
Boost Your Exposure: Your business will be featured on our website, across our social media platforms/brands, newsletters, and more!
Engage with Our Community: We have a dedicated community of passionate dog owners and enthusiasts who are eager to discover businesses that share their love for dogs. This is your opportunity to connect with a highly engaged audience.
Expert Level Value: Our founder, Kate Donadio, brings a wealth of experience in the consulting and marketing industry, creating expert-level value for your business.


Here's How It Works:
1. Purchase your Tampa Dogs Community Partner Subscription.
2. Offer our community members an exclusive promotional incentive or discount.

3. Send us your company logo, description, and contact details.
3. Watch your business gain exposure and build lasting connections within our dog-loving community.


Once you complete your purchase, you will need to send us the details you'd like included in your Perks Partner Profile, including a high res logo, a brief description of your business, the details of your perk, and your contact info. As soon as we receive this, we'll add you to our Community Partners, and share your business across our channels. 

Tampa Dogs Community Yearly Partner

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